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Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the former Moiola school property?
12.9 acres.
When did Moiola Elementary School close and when was the last time it operated as a school?
Moiola closed as a K-8 school in 2011 after 42 years. The school buildings have been vacant since LePort Montessori closed in 2018.
Why is the Fountain Valley School District selling the property?
The District determined in 2010 that the school site was no longer needed. Leasing the site for other educational purposes has failed. The property is now a liability and is not generating an economic return to the District. Therefore, the District is selling the site and will use the proceeds for improvements to other schools in the District.
How can Brookfield Residential help to address the homeless issue on the property?
As the future owners of the property, we are concerned about the well-being of the neighborhood. With the safety and the quality of life of our neighbors at the forefront of this process, the Fountain Valley School District (FVSD) and Brookfield Residential are partnering to address the homeless who are living on the property. Should you see any activity on the site that causes concern or requires immediate attention, please call Fountain Valley Police Officer Brent Emerson at (714) 593-4485. You may also report any activity to the FVSD at (714) 668-5882.
How many homes are being proposed for the site?

74 single-family detached homes.

What are the sizes of the homes planned?

The homes are planned to be between approximately 2,600 and 3,200 square feet with up to 4-5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, great rooms, and two-car conventional garages or three-car tandem garages. Homes will feature gourmet-style kitchens, smart-home technology programming, tankless water heaters, and they will all be solar-equipped and energy efficient.

Will there be a first-floor master bedroom?
We have not yet made any final decisions on the floor plans; first-floor master bedrooms, great rooms, California rooms, etc. are planned based on the market and buyer needs.
Will there be a park on the site?
Yes. A one-acre public park. Park programming is to be determined. We are taking the comments received at the July 25th open house into consideration. Please submit ideas for the park to or through the website.
Will the community be gated?
Feedback at the July 25 open house was much more favorable to a non-gated neighborhood, and we have no plans to provide a gated entry.
Will adequate parking be provided?
We are planning for two-car conventional garages and three-car tandem garages, 18-foot (at the least) driveways, and one parking spot per home on the public street for a total of 5 parking spots per home. The Homeowners’ Association will provide CC&R’s to their residents restricting the use of the garage for parking motor vehicles only. This is common practice today with new development.
Will the interior streets be private?
There may be private streets, but with public access easements and with all infrastructure, as well as the park, constructed at no cost to taxpayers.
Why is Finch Avenue the only access point to the new community?
We conducted a traffic study (contact us for a copy of the results) and learned that the number of homes we are proposing would not generate enough traffic to require a second ingress/egress other than Finch Avenue per the requirements of city code and the fire department. The homes will generate roughly 30% less traffic than a school, therefore no new access is warranted. At the suggestion of City Fire Department, we did add a second ingress/egress into the new neighborhood from Finch when we realigned the park plan.
Why can’t Callens Circle be opened to Finch for vehicular access?
Callens Circle is a private street; therefore, we cannot use it as a public vehicle access street. It still will be used for emergency access though.
Why don’t you purchase the Callens farmland for an access point?
The property is utilized as a working farm and is not planned for development at this time.
How will you protect the privacy of existing homes along Redwood Street and Red River Circle?
We are proposing enhanced setbacks along the shared property line with existing homes along Redwood Street. Homes along Red River Circle are on the largest lots proposed and are approximately 60-80 feet from back of house to the north side of the channel. With a 15-foot setback to the back of the first floor of the new home, existing homes will be approximately 75-95 feet away from the new homes. Additionally, the second floor of the homes will feature alternating elevations with creative window placement utilizing varying plans and elevation types, reverse plotting, and other innovations all in accordance with building codes to further protect existing and new neighbors’ privacy.
Will there be a pedestrian access point through the new community to the commercial center?
We will continue to examine this option. Feelings were mixed on this opportunity when discussed at the Open House on July 25. We will work closely with the city and public safety to determine the feasibility of pedestrian access to the commercial center. Currently, our newest rendition of the neighborhood does not include an access to the shopping center. Walking to the center from the site along existing routes is less than a ten-minute walk.
Why can’t you use Mt. Cimarron as a vehicular access?
Mt. Cimarron was never planned for vehicle access; however, the pedestrian connection will remain in place. Even if high density or commercial uses were proposed for the Moiola site, we learned from conversations with the Orange County Flood Control District that vehicular access is not feasible over Mt. Cimarron. This is mainly due to engineering and constructability constraints.
What is the timeline for this project to be approved and construction to begin?

On March 16, 2021, the Fountain Valley City Council voted unanimously to approve our plans for 74 new single-family homes and a community park at the former Moiola school property.  We are grateful for the overwhelming community support we have received during this process and especially at the public hearings.  Over two years, we engaged the community with an in-person open house, visited our nearest neighbors at their homes, and held 3 virtual meetings gathering valuable input along the way that helped to shape the project brought before the city. 

Demolition and site preparation will occur in spring of 2021 with construction of new homes to start later in 2021.

How will you manage construction traffic, dust, etc.?

Construction traffic, hours of operation, logistics, etc. will all be in accordance with the Fountain Valley Municipal Code. Per the city’s website, construction hours are as follows: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday. No time on Sunday or legal holidays. A street sweeper will be engaged to manage dust and dirt caused by construction traffic on external streets. We follow the guidelines of the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) in our dust control measures on site.  Construction staff parking will be restricted to the site rather than on neighborhood streets.  We hope to work with our neighbors to make the construction process proceed as smoothly as possible.

Is there an interest list for purchasing a home in the new community?

A formal interest list is in process. In the meantime, we will make a note of your interest and keep you informed of our progress. Please fill out the contact form on the website, so we can stay in touch.


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How can we address the influx in coyote sightings in and around the Moiola school property?

We have been informed by the city that there have been coyote sightings on the property.  We share the concerns of the neighbors who have reported this activity.  The coyotes are often attracted by animal waste left behind on the property.  We encourage those walking their pets to remove pet waste and dispose of it elsewhere.  Working together we can keep the property clean while we continue planning the new addition to the neighborhood. 

I am a current resident of the Moiola neighborhood. Whom can I contact with questions about the construction timeline and/or process?
If you are a current resident and have any questions or comments about the construction process, please email


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